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Our Story

Adorina Stephanie Nguyen (LMT-120860) is a Sam Houston State University alumna who received her BFA in Dance with a minor in biology in the fall of 2013. Before attending SHSU, she was a member of the City Ballet of Houston for seven years and has an extensive background in dance of 20 years.

Upon graduation from Sam Houston, she enrolled at the Texas Health School to study massage therapy. Her background in dance has allowed her to be a successful massage therapist by having a deeper understanding of the muscles and how they are connected and used. 

Muscles have a greater purpose to our bodies other than just movement. When we encounter stressful situations, we transfer that stress and tension to our muscles as a way to cope with the given situation. This can be anywhere from everyday work/family-related stress, to traumatic events such as a car accident or death of a person to whom you were close to. "Massage reduces the muscular tension used to suppress emotion and so can lead to emotional release," stated by Anne Williams. 

With a holistic approach, massages are a great way to reconnect our bodies with our mind and soul. It is important to treat the source of the problem rather than mask the symptoms. Pain is a secondary reaction that is meant to grab our attention so that we may fix what is wrong, the trick is finding the source which may not necessarily be physiological, but rather psychological. 

Evelyne Volny-Anne Nguyen began her nursing career in France in 1982, and later received her Texas Nursing License in 1988 when she moved to Texas with her husband. She is a pediatric/neonatal registered nurse, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and has worked with numerous babies, children, mothers, and families in a hospital setting. Even with her in-depth medical knowledge, Evelyne still turned to natural healing methods for herself and her family, believing that nature is more powerful than pharmaceuticals.

In 2011, after a surgical procedure that left Evelyne in a great deal of pain, she turned to her daughter, Adorina, for help. No medications would ease the pain but instead provided annoying side effects and allergic reactions. However, when Adorina would massage her mother’s back, shoulders, and neck, magically the pain would subside and she could finally relax and rest. It was during this time that Evelyne asked her daughter if she was interested in learning massage therapy as a profession in order to help other people.

As Evelyne regained her strength and returned to work, she began noticing how much more effective getting massages from her daughter were than taking the cocktails of medication her doctors put her on after her surgery. She began using essential oils from Young Living to accommodate her allergies to pharmaceutical medications, along with improving her health and mental alertness.

Evelyne also became passionate about healing energy, the power of mind over body. She became a Reiki Master and is currently enrolled in an acupressure and hypnosis program, hoping to offer these two modalities to compliment therapeutic massages and Reiki at EPHCC in the future.