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Free Essential Oils Classes

Every month, we will host a Young Living Essential Oils class where you can come learn about essential oils, why we only use them, how to live a chemical free life, essential oil infused natural plant based products, information about the company, how to get started yourself, and how you can get the most out of Young Living to benefit your health.

Please send us an email, or phone call, if you are interested in attending the class since space is limited. 

2017 Dates & Class Topic:

Thursday, December 7 @ 7pm - 'Tis The Season Facebook Online Class

Get ready for a holiday class like no other!

- Get details on amazing products along with tips that will leave you feeling both rested and energized!
- Learn fun ways to share the Young Living way of life with the ones you love because YL is the gift that keeps on giving!
- Discover new ways to spice up your holiday party with fun holiday scents and more.

Tune in live Thursday, Dec. 7 at 7pm for a chance to win something awesome!

Don’t forget to click “going” so you can view content after the class has ended.

Invite everyone you know to join this fun holiday class!!

** This is a Facebook Online Class. Please click the link below if you'd like to attend.**

At the END of the class, there will be a raffle for a G*I*V*E*A*W*A*Y!!! 🤗 🎁

Here’s how you can up your chances of winning!

“Like” a Post = 1 Entry
Invite friends who mark “Going” or “Interested” = 3 Entries
Comment on Posts = 5 Entries

This is for when the class goes “Live” at 7pm Thursday!! As much as I love the likes and comments before hand, those will not earn you Entries before the start of the class, nore after it has ended 😂

***In order to get entries for the raffle, you MUST participate in the “Live” class from 7pm-8pm on Dec. 7.***


If this is your FIRST online class, here’s how it’ll work:

• Starting at 7pm Thursday, there will be posts pertaining to specific topics. Each post will be numbered so you can keep track of the order ###

• There will be a new post every 3 minutes, so be sure to refresh your event so you don’t miss out! ⤴️

• Read each post and comment in order to get entries for the Giveaway. **Participation is what makes these classes fun!! So don’t be shy, ask your questions and make your comments! 🙋🏻

• At 8pm, we will finish the class and that is the cut off for raffle Entries 🙅🏻

• I’ll be keeping track during the class, once I’ve got everyone’s entries accounted for, I’ll do a Live video showing who the winner is. 🎥

• YOU CAN ATTEND THE CLASS AFTER IT ENDS! Say whaaa??? Yes! Because these are posts, you can go back a read them at your own convenience. You just won’t be able to participate in the Giveaway. 👍

Hope this helps explains how the class will work!