An idea was born

In the Fall of 2015, Evelyne and Adorina decided to open a Holistic Center where they could help others with their passions of natural and alternative health approaches. Adorina, a licensed massage therapist found that most of the muscle tension she was seeing in her clients was coming from certain emotions. Evelyne, discovered how allowing our body's energy to flow freely, yielded to less emotional and physical stress and pain. Both decided to create a place where they could share their passions with others who seek an alternative way of supporting their health and wellness. 

Massage Room
Young Living

Sharing Purpose, Wellness & Abundance Through Young Living Essential Oils

Both, mother and daughter, are avid Young Living Essential Oil users, and have seen how much authentic quality essential oils can enhance a massage and Reiki session, so that their clients can get the most out of their healing sessions. They began teaching classes on essential oils and living a non-toxic lifestyle in August 2016. Since then, they continue to educate their clients, friends, and family members about the amazing properties contained in each bottle of essential oil that comes from Young Living. 

**If you would like to host, a class for your friends and family members, please send us an email at epholistic@gmail.com

Bringing holistic care to expecting parents.

January 2018. Reiki Master, Childbirth Educator, and Lactation Consultant, Evelyne, realized that there were many women looking for natural methods of giving birth. Having a great and in depth knowledge in childbirth from years of teaching at a hospital, Evelyne decided to bring her knowledge to the office and and also teach expecting parents all the natural ways of going through pregnancy and delivering that may be glossed over in a hospital setting.

Childbirth Classes
Radio Interview

Radio Interview with ABMFM

On July 9, 2018, Massage Therapist, Adorina,  did a radio interview with ABMFM (All Business Media FM) discussing the holistic methods EPHCC offers. You can listen to that interview here.