Frequently Asked Questions

what makes you different from massage/health & wellness chains?

At Essential Peace Holistic Care Center (EPHCC), our priority is our clients. When receiving a service, class, or consultation from us, you will:

  • Have undivided attention.

  • Not be rushed out after your appointment or class.

  • Receive your FULL 60min or 90min bodywork service.

    • The standard for 60min services at other places is usually 50min work and 10min for consultation, undressing, and redressing.

    • The standard for 90min services at other places is usually 80min work and 10min for consultation, undressing, and redressing.

    • We believe if you pay for 60min or 90min services, you should receive that FULL amount of time of work.

    • We block 30min after every bodywork service to allow our clients the time they need for consultation, undressing, redressing, and actually being able to relax without being rushed.

  • Experience authentic grade essential oils from Young Living for every service to enhance your wellness and experience.

  • Have a customized session to fit your needs.

  • Receive a loyalty card for bodywork services that will give you access to a FREE 60min Swedish Massage or 60min Reiki session after 5 bodywork services.

    • These do not expire.

  • Have access to our referral program.

    • Every person you refer, you will receive 30min FREE that you can apply to any Bodywork service, or accumulate to get a FREE 60min or 90min Bodywork session.

    • These do not expire.

what makes our childbirth classes different?

  • We give each couple undivided attention.

  • Our classes are meant for 1-3 couples at a time so we can answer your specific questions.

  • We incorporate holistic methods with our classes such as Reiki, authentic grade essential oils, Tapping, meditation, massage, or breathing techniques.

  • We will have required class materials provided for you.

  • We will educate you on:

    • The safety of baby products - what to look for in the ingredients to make sure you're not using harsh chemicals on your baby unknowingly.

    • How to live a non-toxic lifestyle so that your baby's health can thrive and be supported.

    • Where to get plant based products that are effective for your baby and your family's health without the harsh chemicals.

    • How to transition your baby into early childhood using plant based products.

What is the difference between a massage and reiki?

  • Massage is manipulating the muscles with hands where you are undressed and covered with a sheet and blanket.

  • Reiki is energy work that may be hands on or hands off. You are fully clothed the entire time.

Do you accept credit cards and checks?

Yes. Checks can be made to EPHCC.

It's my first massage/Reiki session, what can i expect?

  • Please fill out our online Intake form prior to arriving for your appointment that will be emailed to you when you schedule your session.

  • Arrive 5-10min early so that we can go over your Intake form, past and current issues, and your expectations for receiving a service from us.

  • For a massage, you will undress to your comfortability. You will be draped with a sheet and blanket during your massage except for the body part that is being worked on. Please keep in mind, whatever you do decide to keep on (ex: socks, shorts, bra), Adorina will have to work around it and CANNOT work underneath it.

  • For a reiki session, you will remain fully clothed. There is no need to be undress unless you are doing a reiki session after your massage.

  • Speak up during your service if you have any questions or comments such as pressure, warmth of the table, etc. so that we may ensure you're comfortable.

  • Drink plenty of water after your service to flush out toxins.

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you have 24hrs from the date and time of your schedule appointment to do so without being charged for your service.

do you see minors?

  • Yes.

  • You will need to fill out a consent form for the minor as the parent/guardian which will be emailed to you upon request.

  • As the parent/guardian, you will need to be present during your minor's session:

    • Ages 13 and under; you must be present in the room during their session.

    • Ages 14 -17; you may choose to be in the room with them or wait in the waiting area during their session.

  • We will NOT give a minor a session unless a parent/guardian is present at the office during their scheduled time.

Is gratuity required for bodywork services?

  • Gratuity is optional but not required.

  • Standard for a 60min session is $15, should you choose to leave one.

  • Standard for a 90min session is $22, should you choose to leave one.

Do you take walk-ins?

  • Appointments are preferred, however we do accept walk-ins based upon availability.

  • We do accept same-day appointments.