The Memory Resolution Technique

what is it?

The Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT) was formerly known as the Traumatic Memory Release Technique, and provided the foundation for the later development of the 12-Step AFT process. TMRT is good to use if a person is experiencing a distressing emotional reaction and they know what is causing it (ex: almost getting into car accident, a recent argument with a loved one, a stressful situation at work, etc.), or if they are being haunted by memories or images from a past event such as a house fire. 


There can be a lot of stored emotional energy in a traumatic memory. Lack of resolution for this event has allowed the subconscious mind to build up a defense against the incident occurring again because it was too painful or overwhelming to process at the time. The Memory Resolution Technique slides under that defense and processes the memory. This can feel like a relief much of the time, but as with any cleansing process there can be a detox reaction such as nausea and exhaustion; this is referred to as Emotional Detox. 

Gary Young, founder of Young Living, says that the negative memories are bound up with an acid condition, so that when we release the emotions we release the acid as well. The body has a natural way to get rid of this. However, drinking a lot of water and most importantly giving yourself some time to integrate without judging is very important.