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  • They are the most powerful part of the plant.
  • Distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit, rinds, resins, and herbs.
  • Oils consist of over 100 different natural, organic compounds.
  • There are about 300 oils on the earth, but you only need 10-20 of them to build a solid foundation.

Essential oil history:

  • Some of the oldest cultures on earth used essential oils.
  • The Babylonians placed order for Cedarwood, Myrrh, and Cyprus.
  • The Egyptians used essential oils for beauty and embalming and they have the oldest recorded deodorant recipe made with essential oils.
  • Pakistan and Rome used essential oils in communal bathhouses.
  • They’re mentioned in numerous Holy Scriptures of different religions.
  • Essential oils were used by Medieval Europeans, many of whom brought oils back during the Crusades.
  • It was only after WWII when essential oils were “rediscovered,” and the science on their uses grows with every single year.